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“The independent financial planning services that WNY Asset Management has offered since 1994 were created exclusively for the members of the CPA Financial Network.”
– Tom Duerr, CPA, Co-founder.

Retirement Planning

At WNY Asset Management, we understand that you’ve earned the right to enjoy your retirement years. Whether you’ve just started to think seriously about retirement, or you only have a few more years to go, we can help you reach your goals.

We’ll start by talking with you about your retirement plans. Do you want to travel through Europe for a year, cruise the Bahamas, or simply enjoy the good life at home? Whatever your dreams may be, you’ve probably already made some assumptions about how much money you’ll need. Our financial planners can review your plans, and tell you if your assumptions are reasonable based on your expected standard of living.

Once we know how much you’ll need, the next step is to develop a plan to help ensure that you can retire on your timeline. We’ll review your entire portfolio, from 401(k) plans and pensions to stocks, bonds and other investments you may have. Then, we will explain how much income you can expect to draw from each investment, how to get the most benefit out of each one and, with the help of your CPA, figure out what tax implications you should consider. As you get closer to retirement, we will continue to review your retirement plan and make adjustments as necessary.

Investment Management

Some people are inherently comfortable with risk. They start new companies and climb mountains and are constantly planning their next adventure. Other people prefer a more traditional approach. They take comfort in moving steadily toward their goals, and knowing exactly where they stand.

Our goal is to understand your personal tolerance for risk, and develop an individualized investment management strategy that works for you. Since WNY Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have the capability to tie our compensation to the overall value of your account as opposed to earning a commission on transactions. That means we are going to do what’s best for you, not just what is going to give us the highest commission, because our compensation is tied to the overall value of the account, not to any individual investment.

We understand that risk assessment is more than just a questionnaire. That’s why it is only one of the aspects we consider when creating a long-term financial plan for you and your family. We can also show you a variety of ways to diversify your investments and protect your wealth. When you work with us, we will help you choose the most appropriate investments that are relevant to your goals whether it is a traditional mutual fund or something more complex.

Education Planning

Tuition, room and board at the nation’s best colleges and universities can easily top $50,000 per year. So how do you save enough to pay for a quality education when a four-year degree can cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars?

As always, we start by looking at how much you may actually need. For example, if your daughter is only in 7th grade, we’ll show you how much you can expect to pay for college by the time she’s ready to graduate high school.

Once we determine what you need, we can talk with you about how proper planning today may help you in the future. Most importantly, we will review the many options you have when it comes to saving for future educational expenses, including:

  • 529 plans
  • Coverdell ESAs (Education Savings Accounts)
  • UGMA / UTMA custodial accounts

Whether you’ve already decided on the Ivy League, or you just want to know what you can afford, we can answer all of your questions about paying for college, and show you how to give your loved ones the education they deserve.

Insurance Planning

Without a crystal ball, it’s impossible to know what tomorrow will bring – let alone next year, or the next decade. That’s why we feel it’s important to consider your risk management strategy and insurance needs as part of your overall financial planning.

The financial planners at WNY Asset Management can help you determine your needs for a variety of short-term and long-term solutions, including:

Long-term care insurance – it’s never too soon to start thinking about what you may need down the road. A little planning now can save you a small fortune later – and give you and your family much-needed peace of mind.

Life insurance – the amount of life insurance you need changes over time. Our financial planners can help ensure you have the optimal coverage (including the right type of life insurance) for you and your loved ones.

Disability insurance – how would you support your family if you were unable to work? How would your loved ones afford your care if you suddenly became disabled? We can help you answer these difficult questions.

Pension maximization – let us show you how life insurance may be able to provide the most benefit to you and your family when you are considering which pension option to elect.

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